How ‘Automatic’ are Kohler Generators?

When it comes to standby generators, we are often asked just what we mean by ‘Automatic.’ Okay, the question might seem self-explanatory but it’s actually a pretty good one. How ‘Automatic’ are Kohler Generators?

How ‘Automatic’ are Kohler Generators?

The simplest explanation is that during a power outage the generator and its systems will fire on and switch away from the utility power and onto the power being produced by the generator completely automatically. That ‘transfer’ is the essential difference between a standby generator and a manual system such a manually started generator with or without a transfer switch.

How ‘Automatic’ are Kohler Generators?

The ‘ATS’ Indoor/Outdoor Rated RTX – Automatic Transfer Switch

Although in our most popular products the generator is the ‘brains’ of the operation for the most part, the transfer switch is what actually switches the source of energy feeding your properties electrical system. You can think of it as a sort of giant light switch, but for your whole electrical system.

This system allows for the smart coordination of the generator, allowing transfers typically within about 10 seconds from when the outage occurs to when the house is powered by the generator. This amounts to a much quicker and more convenient system than a manual transfer switch as well as much safer than the highly dangerous practice of backfeeding an outlet.

Also, just like the starting up the generator, the shutdown procedure happens all automatically.

Here is the ‘play by play’ of what happens within those first ten seconds

  1. Transfer switch senses a loss of utility power

  2. The generator waits about 2 seconds (prevents flickering) and then starts

  3. Generator runs for several seconds to get up to speed without ‘load’

  4. Transfer switch switches to generator power

And here’s what happens when utility power is restored

  1. Transfer switch senses a good reading at the utility power side

  2. Transfer switch waits two minutes for a consistently good reading from the utility

  3. Transfer switch transfers to utility power in a split-second

  4. Generator starts shutdown. It may happen instantly, it may take up to a half-hour of running ‘unloaded’ performing an engine oil cool-down cycle to protect from unnecessary wear and tear.

Now that you we’ve covered “How ‘Automatic’ are Kohler Generators?” It’s time to get one of your own. Contact the team at Premier Generator in Carver, MA for your residential and commercial standby Kohler Generator installation and maintenance needs. Serving greater Southeastern Massachusetts, we’re your trusted Kohler Generator dealer.



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