Why Do We Include 10-Year Warranties on Kohler Generators?

Believe it or not we have some great relationships with some of our local competition. We’re not going to lie, some of them are good competition. Which we’re happy with. That just means we have to constantly work to be the best. But there is one thing we are pretty consistently told by our friends, we’re nuts to not just offer but promote our 10 year comprehensive factory warranty extension. So, Why Do We Include 10-Year Warranties on Kohler Generators?

Why Do We Include 10-Year Warranties on Kohler Generators?

The logic is like this: You buy a good quality new car, drive it regularly and take it in for regular maintenance. If you own that car for 10 years straight, how likely is it that you will have some sort of repair need within that 10 years?

See this is where your typical generator company makes their money over the lifespan of the generator. Much more often than not our generators last without any repair-related issues causing an inconvenience to the owner. But when they do, most generator service companies swoop in for a quick buck, billing the customer for repairs, parts and travel even if its the same company that sold them the generator.

Why Do We Include 10-Year Warranties on Our Kohler Generators?

Our goal is to minimize the risk of the generator owner getting hit with a bill down the road. The extended warranty allows us to do things like replace wearing parts when they first present symptoms at a regular maintenance visit without the owner ever seeing a bill.

We have a strong relationship with Kohler and operate on a policy of always applying for warranty coverage if at all possible. This helps ensure the best possible service to you. Thing like 24-hour on-call may not always be 100% covered by what the warranty offers but we always apply for what we can and only bill what we must to cover costs if your generator is in our fleet. We have to pay for the extension anyway, we want to make sure it goes to good use.

Premier Generator‘s 10 year warranty offer comprehensive coverage of parts, labor and travel. Cosmetics and accidents (yup, we’ve had someone drive into a generator) aren’t covered, but the overall coverage is genuine and strong.

Ultimately, we try to live up to our title as a Kohler Titanium Dealer. That’s what we are, your dealership not just your sales company. Our technicians serve as our service department to cover you for the long-haul as part of our fleet. Like any great modern car dealership, we know that making sure your warranty takes care of you ultimately leads to more happy customers recommending us to their friends and family.



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