What is Kohler Generator ‘OnCue Plus’ Remote Monitoring System?

Kohler OnCue Plus is a remote monitoring system that allows you to take a look at your generator from anywhere from your phone, computer or tablet. The team at Premier Generator in Carver, Massachusetts will install your residential or commercial KOHLER standby electric generator with OnCue Plus anywhere in southeastern Massachusetts.

What is Kohler Generator ‘OnCue Plus’ Remote Monitoring System?

With OnCue you can get email notifications on any operation or event your generator performs as well as an app that can be installed on pretty much any device. Even if you’re at work or away you will be able to have the piece of mind of knowing that your KOHLER standby electric generator is working properly from anywhere you have internet access.

What is Kohler Generator ‘OnCue Plus’ Remote Monitoring System?

Whether you’re at home, traveling or on the go, you’ll never have to worry about the power in your home or business. Paired with a standby KOHLER generator, the OnCue Plus Generator Management System and App give you peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Get real-time status updates on your KOHLER® generator.

In the event of a system fault the OnCue system also has the unique ability to instantaneously relay status messages to you and/or to Premier Generator via SMS text or email to any computer, PDA or mobile phone. This immediate communication helps to ensure expedited repair and uninterrupted performance should problems arise. The software and constant communication of the generator status can ensure that the generator starts and runs as planned during any power outage or natural disaster, providing assurance that power is being supplied to your essential home appliances like freezers, air conditioners and sump pumps.

The system not only sends alerts as needed, it also provides diagnostic information that may save an extra service trip to the generator site by preparing Premier Generator with the nature of the issue in advance.

OnCue is offered as an optional accessory kit for five KOHLER residential home generator models ranging from 12 kW to 30 kW, and is designed to help ensure the generators will perform flawlessly when utility power fails and the home generator needs to take over.  Requiring only the professional installation of a small converter and an intuitive software set-up process, the KOHLER OnCue Home Generator Management System is an excellent addition that supplements the already strong functionality of KOHLER residential standby generators. Priced competitively, it offers form and function unrivaled by other generator monitoring solutions.

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