What’s a Kohler Electric Standby Generator ‘Exercise’?

What’s a Kohler Electric Standby Generator ‘Exercise’?

This is a simple one! A Kohler Electric Standby Generator ‘Exercise’ is a regularly scheduled test of your generator that makes sure the generator is operating properly and makes sure the generator doesn’t suffer from any sort of preventable issue by having sat idle for excessive periods of time.

How often should an Exercise be performed on my Kohler Generator?

In most instances, how we program our generators to exercise is to run approximately 20 minutes, once every week. We set it to run what is known as an ‘unloaded full speed exercise.’ ‘Unloaded’ as in it doesn’t cause a transfer of power to your house like many older models did and ‘full speed’ as in a consistent rpm without any idling down.

But don’t worry, it would be set to run whenever you’d like it to. As a general rule, a generator should be exercised without a load between once a week and once a month. Testing with a load should be done on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Your generator’s exercise cycle may be automated by a timer, which ensures the generator is tested on a regular basis. Whether you rely on automation or manually exercise your generator, it should be completed under supervision. This way, if a problem is detected it can be remedied by in-house technicians or generator specialists as soon as possible, protecting you and your business in case of a true power outage.

Finding an electrical contractor or generator installer to perform an Exercise on my Kohler generator in southeastern Massachusetts

At Premier Generator in Carver, Massachusetts, our controllers and transfer switches allow us to program the exercise to run on a day and at a specific time that is convenient for you. Once we set it up for you that’s about it, if you feel like setting it and listening out for it you can feel free. If you feel like setting it up so you’re never home when it runs, that’s fine to. We’re help you get the most out of your standby generator.

Setting up a Preventative Maintenance plan for your standby electrical generator in Carver, Massachusetts

A standby electric generator should be a long-term investment for your home or business. That’s we at Premier Generator strive to be the most reliable name in generators for the long-haul. We offer preventative maintenance agreements that not only ensure your backup generator is well maintained, but keeps you in line with Kohler’s warranty guidelines.

Ask about our extended warranty offer! If you install with Premier Generator and sign a ‘Preventative Maintenance’ or ‘PM’ agreement with us, you get a 10-year extended factory warranty that covers PARTS AND LABOR for FREE!


Existing customers with ‘Preventative Maintenance’ agreements have access to call an on-call technician line with a live answering service run right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. We will get out to you as soon as possible and get you up and running.

Who else has service like that these days? Contact Premier Generator today to get started!



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