How Do I Check the Oil on a Kohler Generator?

It is always a good idea to check the oil on a Kohler Generator periodically during extensive run times on any engine. However; unlike your car, your generator doesn’t exactly have an ignition key. To help folks out we’ve put together a step-by-step guide and cut-sheet on how to check the oil on a Kohler Generator.

How Do I Check the Oil on a Kohler Generator?

Kohler Aircooled Generator – Oil Check Instructions:

A simple walk-through to check your generator’s oil for continuous power and minimal interruption. The following only applies if your Kohler generator has been powering your home for 24 hours or more continuously (repeat twice a day thereafter while powering):

1. Walk out to your Kohler generator and open the lid by turning the latches and ensuring the roof holds itself up safely by its locking hinge.

2. Turn the breaker (Just above the controller) “off.”

3. Push the “off” button (see the graphic below) while it is operating and allow it to shut down. You will lose generator power to your property while it is stopped.

4. Allow your Kohler generator to sit ‘stopped’ for at least one minute.

5. Pull the dip stick (round yellow finger handle).

6. Check that the oil is at least 1/2 way up the crosshatch marks on the dipstick. Clean oil off of dipstick with a cloth after each time you check it to ensure accurate readings.

7. If oil reading is not at least 1/2 full, add ONLY 1/8th Quart of oil* at a time and wait 1 minute to check again. It is recommended to use a funnel. The oil filling location is covered by the rubber bung. If oil reading is above 1/2 full, put the dipstick back and skip to step 9.

8. Repeat steps 4-6 as needed, remembering that the generator typically requires very little to no oil. 1/8th quart is a significant amount of oil for your generator and dramatically overfilling the oil may result in engine failure.

9. When oil level is confirmed to be good, ensure the oil bung is put back into place to seal the engine and the dipstick is secured all the way in.

10. Push the “AUTO” button (see the graphic below) and the Kohler generator should restore power to your property. PLEASE IGNORE the “RUN” Button. It is for service NOT to power your home. “AUTO” is the normal setting. The generator should now start

11. Turn the breaker (above the controller) “on”

12. Close the roof by gently pushing up on the lid to release to catch, letting it lid down and turning the latch(es) to secure the lid. Key may be optional or mandatory depending on model.

*Oil is 5W-30 Full Synthetic, never use mixed or conventional oil

*Be cautious not to overfill, dramatic overfilling may result in failures not protected under warranty.

We always recommend if you have any concerns about doing anything involving your generator you can feel free to call us and we’ll stick with you on the line for extra peace of mind! Contact Premier Generator, serving Carver and Southeastern Massachusetts, at 508-947-2863

How do I Check the Oil on My Kohler Generator?



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