Choosing a Kohler Electric Generator Installer in Southeastern Massachusetts

When choosing a Kohler Electric Generator Installer in Southeastern Massachusetts, there are a number of factors you should take into consideration. Premier Generator in Carver, Massachusetts has been providing the best personalized service and custom Kohler Generator options for our commercial and residential customers for years. As an authorized distributor of Kohler generators in Southeastern Massachusetts, we offer our customers the world’s top brand of generator systems on the market today.

Choosing a Kohler Electric Generator Installer in Southeastern Massachusetts

1. What type of generator does your home or business need?

It is essential for our team to to get an idea of your home or business’s power requirements. For a detailed estimate, contact us and schedule a time for us to discuss your needs. We can analyze your home and/or business’s electrical load and specify and install your Kohler generator system.

2. Experience and Customer Service

When making a purchase as significant as a new standby electric generator, it’s important that you know you can trust the team that is installing the generator to do the job right, and be there when you need them. Our certified electrical technicians will not only install the right generator in a safe and timely manor, but our customer service team has your back and will walk you through everything you need to know to ensure that your Kohler Generator is ready for whatever mother nature throws our way.

3. Repairs & Maintenance Options

At Premier Generator, we offer Preventative Maintenance agreements that not only ensure your generator is well maintained, but keeps you in line with Kohler’s warranty guidelines. Existing customers with ‘PM’ agreements have access to call an on-call technician line with a live answering service run right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. We will get out to you as soon as possible and get your home or business generator up and running.

4. What types of warranties are available?

We’re pleased to announce that the most reputable brand in standby generators is now offering 10-Year Extended Warranties on Residential and Light Commercials Generators. The combination of a quality installation and a FULL DECADE of peace of mind under a 2,000 hour warranty is an unbeatable combination for a long-term power solution. Don’t be left on the hook with a company that makes warranty promises they don’t follow through with. If you install with us, we handle warranty registration as well as processing the warranty claim for any work we perform which would be covered.

5. Will the generator installation company be there when I need them?

All of our technicians are trained by Kohler in generator diagnostics and repair. They not only perform maintenance to-spec from the manufacturer, but have the equipment and education to get you back up and running in the event of problem. Our 24/7 Customer Service and Repair line is available to all existing customers with ‘PM’ agreements, allowing you the peace of main in knowing that you and your generator are always in good hands.

If you’re choosing a Kohler Electric Generator Installer in Southeastern Massachusetts, then call the trusted team at Premier Generator in Carver. We’ll guide you through every step of the process so that you never have to worry about losing power. Request a Quote today at, give us a call at 508-947-2863, or visit us at 4 Jabez Bridge Road,
Carver, MA, 02330.



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