Can I Install My Kohler Generator Myself?

If you’re a DIY homeowner in the greater Carver and Southeastern Massachusetts are, then you’ve probably wondered: Can I install my Kohler generator myself? We get it, maybe you built your house, or even installed a dishwasher, but when it comes to something as large as a home generator, it’s best to leave it to the pros.

Can I Install My Kohler Generator Myself?

At Premier Generator, we work to help homeowners and business owners keep the lights on from Brockton to Plymouth, Taunton to Sandwich, and Weymouth to New Bedford. New Englanders are tough and like to do things themselves. Here’s why you should work with a professional to install your generator.

Don’t Risk the Safety of You, Your Family, or Your Home

Installing a Kohler Generator requires strict knowledge and certifications in working with electrical and gas systems; two extremely dangerous components, especially when they are combined. For this reason, any installation, repair, or other work should be completed by your local Kohler Generators dealer. If you’re in Southeastern Massachusetts, leave it to the team at Premier Generator.

You Could Violate Local, State, or National Electrical Codes

Beyond the safety hazards of installing or repairing a generator on your own, you are likely to find yourself in violation of codes specific electrical, gas, or building codes at the state, local, or national level.

It Could Void Your Kohler Warranty

It’s important to know that installing your electric generator by yourself is almost guaranteed to void your warranty. Kohler recommends that you choose a local Kohler Generators dealer or distributor to install your generator. For safety reasons and to ensure adherence to all local, state and national electrical codes, we also HIGHLY recommend you use only an experienced, authorized Kohler installer. Even the best electricians in the trade have unintentionally damaged controls. If this occurs by an unauthorized installer, than repairs are not covered under Kohler’s stated warranty.



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