Kohler Generator Servicing: What to Expect in Your First Maintenance Visit

Want to learn how to service a Kohler generator? 

Servicing Kohler generators is actually not something we recommend you do yourself. Your Kohler generator was no doubt a sizeable investment. Thus, you need to ensure it’s prepared for any situation you encounter, and that it’s there providing peace of mind for as long as possible. 

As such, we strongly recommend you get all your Kohler generator servicing done through a professional with decades of experience – like Premier Generator. 

As the #1 generator company in Southeastern Massachusetts, you can trust that your investment is in the best hands possible by scheduling your maintenance with us.

While you shouldn’t go the DIY route when it comes to servicing Kohler generators, we’ll still walk you through what you can expect on that first visit. You’ll also get a better understanding of how often you should service Kohler generators.

First, we’ll provide a brief overview of why this isn’t something you should take lightly. 

Why Kohler Generator Service & Maintenance Cannot be Overlooked

Whether you’re shopping for a generator still or you’ve already got one installed, you know that these pieces of equipment are not cheap. Thus, your goals post-installation are to preserve that investment for as long as possible.

Recently, we wrote an article talking about how long do backup generators last. There, we discussed that the lifespan of your generator is dictated by a few things. The specific generator itself, the installation quality, and of course, regular Kohler generator servicing & maintenance!

By following a proper generator maintenance plan, you can dramatically extend the life of your generator. And that’s just one reason servicing Kohler generators is so important. The other reason is to avoid more costly repairs down the road.

Think about maintenance like this: you can pay a little bit now and ensure your generator is always ready should it be called upon. OR, you can pay a LOT of money down the road to fix more costly issues as a result of neglecting to follow regular maintenance. 

The choice is yours – but the answer is obvious. Invest in a quality generator maintenance schedule.

But – if the folks here at Premier Generator do not recommend you learn how to service a Kohler generator yourself, then who will service your Kohler generator? 

Who Will Service My Kohler Generator?

So – who will service my Kohler generator? It depends – but ideally, the very same company that installed it for you. If you’re in Carver or Southeastern Massachusetts, you can reach out to us to schedule your Kohler generator maintenance and service. In fact, those who choose us for the installation of their equipment will enjoy a 10-year warranty when following our service plan!

Why can’t you just learn how to service a Kohler generator yourself? Think about it like this: if you don’t have any sort of experience working on a car, you wouldn’t attempt to perform the routine maintenance yourself…would you? The stakes are too high – you wouldn’t want to damage your vehicle.

The same is true of your generator – which is a sizeable investment in its own right. These pieces of equipment are very complex, and the internal components are something that is best left to the professionals here at Premier Generator. This is our life’s work – we know Kohler generators like the back of our hands.

That means by letting us take this responsibility off your plate, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your generator is in tip-top shape for years to come. When an outage occurs, you won’t have to deal with the frustration of your generator failing when it’s needed most. You won’t have to worry about costly repairs down the road because you made a mistake. 

And perhaps most importantly, you won’t accidentally void your warranty by trying to service your Kohler unit on your own.

With all this said, let’s address one of the most common questions we get asked about Kohler generator maintenance: how often do you service Kohler generators? 

How Often Do You Service Kohler Generators?

This question depends on the type of service plan you’re following. When you get your Kohler generator servicing set up with us at Premier Generator, we do annual visits to handle the big stuff.

But, minor maintenance should occur more frequently – and this will depend on use. We recommend checking the oil level after every 24 hours of operation, for example.

Now – if you’re curious, and want to learn how to service a Kohler generator and what you’ll see us doing on our first visit, keep reading – we’ll get into the details of servicing Kohler generators below.

How to Service a Kohler Generator: What You Can Expect in Your First Maintenance Visit

Ready to learn how to service a Kohler generator? Different maintenance companies will perform different procedures – but here are the absolute necessities:

  • Checking the oil and filter: the oil should be checked after every 24 hours of use, but we will do this on every visit regardless of use. We also check the filter and assess how much life is left in it – changing it out if necessary. We’ll either top off the oil or do a full oil and filter change, filling the unit back up with KOHLER Genuine Oil 5W-30 full-synthetic oil.
  • Checking the coolant: similarly, we will assess the coolant levels and determine if a top-off or full changeout is necessary. Just as with the specialized KOHLER Geniune Oil, it’s important to use Kohler Genuine Coolant. This is essential for preventing rust, corrosion, and deterioration. It also offers boil-over and freeze protection.
  • Checking air filter: the air filter plays a key role in preventing outside sources from infiltrating the unit and causing damage – keeping out dust and other contaminants. And depending on your specific location, your unit’s filter may degrade faster. As such, we check it in every visit and if necessary, replace it with a Kohler Genuine Air Filter. These keep combustion air free from dust and debris and are specifically designed to preserve the turbo in TCR engines – allowing the utmost reliability. 
  • Inspecting belts and hoses: this is something that you won’t need to have replaced annually – but we still assess the life of your unit’s belts and hoses each time we come out to your site. Two things we’re looking for here are proper alignment and any potential weak spots or cracks. These are typically changed every 2-3 years. 
  • Assessing spark plugs/condenser: the spark plugs or condenser in your unit will wear down with use, just as they do in your vehicle. They won’t need to be replaced too often, but they should be inspected in every service visit to ensure the engine is running to the best of its ability.
  • Checking the condition of the battery: even if they still have life in them, we check and replace Kohler batteries with a genuine swap out every 2-3 years. We typically err on the side of caution and replace these sooner than necessary so you have peace of mind your generator is prepared for any situation – especially emergency situations.
  • Adjusting the voltage: to ensure the voltage output of your generator is at the proper levels, we check conditions with a voltmeter and make adjustments as needed to ensure safe, efficient operation.
  • Installing software updates: Kohler generators are incredible pieces of technology – and they just keep getting better. In each service visit, we ensure your unit is running on the latest software iteration – if not, we’ll update it.

That’s the bulk of what you can expect during that first visit. However, there may be other maintenance measures we take depending on your specific Kohler generator servicing needs. 

What YOU Can do to Keep Your Kohler Generator Dialed in

We know you came here wanting to learn how to service a Kohler generator – and while we don’t recommend you do any of the work above yourself (unless you’ve been trained on the processes), there are steps you can take to protect your investment.

Your generator needs to be run once a week to get regular exercise – this helps keep it “in shape” so to speak. When a power outage occurs, your generator will start right up with no lag or hiccups. Fortunately, you don’t have to run your generator yourself – it will do this automatically once a week for 15-20 minutes.

You should also do a monthly visual inspection of your equipment. Look for loose wires or weak connections. If your Kohler generator runs on gas, inspect the pipes for any cracks or other damage. If you see anything of concern, you can get in touch with your maintenance provider for a deeper analysis.

We briefly mentioned this earlier, but you should also check the oil in your unit every 24 hours of use between oil changes to ensure the engine isn’t dry. The same goes for coolant and fuel levels (if your unit runs on diesel).

Ready to Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing Your Investment is Protected? 

Now that you have a better understanding of how to service a Kohler generator, it’s time to get that first visit scheduled. By reaching out to us at Premier Generator, you are ensuring that your equipment is dialed in for years to come. And, if you got your generator installed with us, this is also the only way to ensure you’re covered by the 10-year warranty we offer!

So – don’t wait any longer. Get in touch ASAP and we’ll make sure you get on the proper Kohler generator servicing schedule. Here is what a few of our maintenance clients had to say about our service: 

“Great to work with. When an issue arose they stayed on site on a Friday evening before a three-day weekend until 9 pm to make sure our issue was resolved” – Carroll Hayes

“Haven’t had a problem with the generator in the two years since installation and it’s saved us a few times now. Service is easy and with their plan, get a 10-year warranty for anything that might go wrong in the future. Very happy with Premier Generator” – Ken Leslie

“I had my first annual service with Charlie as the technician.  He was patient, professional, and friendly, taking the time to review procedures and answer questions.  I went with Premier at the recommendation of a neighbor and have been satisfied with all aspects of installation and service.” – Charles Capizano

And if you want to learn more about our Kohler whole house generator installation service, we can talk about that with you, too. After all, Premier Generator is the #1 choice in the area for home generator installation and commercial generator installation alike!

Final Thoughts on How to Service a Kohler Generator

That concludes our full breakdown on how to service a Kohler generator – but remember, this isn’t something we recommend you handle yourself. Only trained professionals should service Kohler generators. Don’t take the unnecessary risk, as you could end up doing more harm than good – leading to costly repairs or your warranty being voided.

Instead, reach out to Premier Generator and get that first maintenance visit scheduled! You’ll never have to worry about your generator’s lifespan or reliability again. 

And if you haven’t found the right unit for you quite yet, don’t sweat it – get personalized, expert recommendations in our complete guide on how to choose a home backup generator.



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