Commercial Groweries

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Commercial Groweries

Medical / commercial groweries have become a booming industry in Massachusetts and the surround areas. With the introduction of medical as well as recreation deregulation, many say this industry may pick up where traditional manufacturing has been exported and bring the business of growing into the mainstream.

Under our Premier Generator umbrella we are generator specialists, but our affiliate company from which we were born is Paul Foley Electric an electrical contractor with more that 25 years experience.

commercial groweries
Commercial Kohler Genertor

We understand the imperative nature of power loss in a growery. Entire harvests can have detrimental yields due to even short power outages and worse yet the crop can become irreparably damage by alteration to the artificial cycle of light or infestation.

In fact, between the two companies we are one of very few in Massachusetts who can say they have built a top-tier growery from the ground up.

We had the distinct privileged of doing just about anything to do with power or controls for Bountiful Farms, an operation which aims to bring some of the best experts and business minds from the west coast into the ever expanding New England market.

In this operation we handled everything from the electrical service, 1.5 Megawatt generator, security wiring as well as Argus control systems. While it wasn’t easy, we worked through the new and complex challenges of a modern commercial growery and can say with confidence we provided the grower as well as the investors with a top-of-class facility that now stands as the benchmark for the area.

We continue to be highly involved in the evolving marketplace and strive to provide a comprehensive solution to those looking to invest in the sophisticated requirements of Massachusetts legislation and building code.

Commercial Growerie
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