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Welcome to Premier Energy Solutions, the #1 source for ductless HVAC mini-splits in Southeastern Massachusetts. We have built a reputation for expert, professional ductless installation, mini-split service and mini-split maintenance throughout Plymouth, Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk and Barnstable counties. We are proud to be recognized for our focus on customer service and our unwavering commitment to exceeding their expectations. We recognize that you have several choices when it comes to installing and maintaining your ductless HVAC. That’s why we work hard to earn your trust and your business. We are here as a resource to help you educate yourself about your options. From there we will develop a customized solution that’s right for you and handle the professional installation, service and maintenance of your mini-split. Please feel free to browse our website and reach out anytime with questions.

Why Get a Ductless HVAC Mini-Split

Ductless mini-splits for heating and cooling are exploding in popularity and with good reason. If you are visiting our site it means you are probably at least entertaining the idea of getting one for yourself. Use the button below to learn more about why you should consider a ductless HVAC mini-split.

Choosing The Right Brand of Mini Split

Which brand of ductless HVAC is going to deliver the kind of performance you want and need? With quality and longevity in mind, Premeir Energy Solutions carries only two brands: Haier and Mitsubishi. Use the button below to explore which mini split brand is the one for you.

Professional Mini Split Installation

After selecting a brand and model of your ductless mini split, the next most important factor in determining the safety and longevity of your product is the quality of  installation. At Premier Energy Solutions every unit is professionally installed by our licensed electricians and their apprentices.  learn why that matters.

Mini Split Service, Repair and Maintenance

Premier Energy Solutions does more than just install ductless HVAC mini splits, we also provide ongoing preventative maintenance and servicing of all of the brands and units we carry. Learn more about our services.

Ductless Mini Split Rebates and Financing

As an official Mass Save Partner, Premier Energy Solutions is expert in helping our customers access and receive all rebates and incentives available. Let us ensure you are making the most of these offers. Use the button below to learn more about these rewarding opportunites.

Premier Energy Solutions Service Area

Premier Energy Solutions is the #1 ductless HVAC mini split installer in  Southeastern Massachusetts. If you are looking for ductless HVAC installation and servic in Barnstable, Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk and Plymouth counties, our teams are ready to serve. Use the button below to see a full list of towns we serve.

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