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Ductless HVAC Mini-Split Brands

As ductless HVAC continues to soar in popularity and gain marketshare, a number of brands have entered the market to try to get in on the action.  With so many brands, models, specs and price points available, many consumers find it difficult to navigate the field of choices.  At Premier Energy Solutions we are committed to bringing only the best quality and performance to our customers. In keeping with that mission, we represent Mitsubishi and Haier exclusively. Learn more about these two global leaders and why they have won our full confidence.

Mitsubishi Mini-Splits

With an earned reputation for high quality, outstanding performance and unbeatable efficiency, Mitsubishi mini-splits easily justify their slightly higher price. Learn more about Mitsubishi ductless HVAC.

Haier Mini-Splits

On par with Mitsubishi in terms of quality, reliability and efficiency, Haier has the added appeal of a lower price point. Learn more about the variety of high quality models available from Haier.

Premier Energy Solutions Proudly Servicing All of Southeastern Massachusetts

Whether you’re considering Mitsubishi or Haier, you can count on our licensed electricians and certified technicians to handle your ductless HVAC installation, service and maintenance with the highest degree of professionalism and commitment to personal customer service. As the #1 installer of mini splits in Southeastern Massachusetts, Premier Energy Solutions proudly serves Barnstable, Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk and Plymouth counties.

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