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Briggs & Stratton has long been known for their rugged, high performing engines. The same holds true for their line of whole house standby generators. Premier Energy Solutions is proud to offer our clients a full range of Briggs & Stratton to meet their needs and expectations. Briggs & Stratton along with  Kohler and Generac represent the finest choices available and are the only brands we carry and stand behind. We work with our customers to help them weigh the different benefits of these two brands. Below is a bit more about Briggs & Stratton generators.

Our standby generator services are with you every step of the way, from install to maintenance to repairs.

Comfort During a Power Outage

A Briggs & Startton generator means you can trust that your home will remain powered when you need it the most.  When properly installed by Premier Energy Solutions you can be count on to Briggs & Statton deliver automatic standby power when you need it.

Protection Against Storm Damage and Power Outage Costs

Avoid unexpected financial hits that occur when a home sits without power — including hotel stays, spoiled food losses and basement water damage.

Lower Homeowners Insurance Bills

Reduce your homeowners insurance rate by keeping your home’s lights and security system running, deterring potential home theft when you’re away.

Increased Home Value

Build equity fast — a recent study by Remodeling magazine showed standby generators increase home resale values by 52.7% of the cost of the generator system.

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