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Home Standby Generator Brands

Premier Energy Solutions proudly installs, services and maintains both Kohler generators and Generac generators. As professional generator installers serving all of Southeastern Massachusetts, our licensed electricians and certified technicians bring unparalleled service to our customers.

Kohler Generators

Premier Energy Solutions is an official Kohler Generator installer. We pride ourselves on developing customized solutions that will meet the specific needs of our customers. Kohler generators are highly regarded as a market leader for quality and longevity. Learn more about Kohler generators using the link below or call us for a free custom quote.

Generac Generators

In keeping with our commitment to bringing the ideal solution to each customer, Premier Energy Solutions is proud to offer a full range of Generac standby generators. As an authorized installer we handle all aspects of installation, service and preventative maintenance. Learn more about the many Generac generator options available using the link below or reach out to us directly for more information or a custom quote.

Briggs & Stratton Generators

Premier Energy Solutions is proud to carry Briggs & Stratton in our stable of brands. This company has a long and proud history as a high quality engine manufacturer. Their commitment to quality and performance carries over into their standby generator products. We have a high degree of confidence in this brand’s ability to bring you reliable power when you need it.

Your single solution for Whole House Standby Generator Installation, Service and Preventative Maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for a Kohler generator, Briggs & Stratton or  Generac generator, Premier Energy Solutions has the ideal solution for you. Our aim is to be your single source for all of your Generator needs. From choosing the right generator for your home, to handling the professional installation, service and preventative maintenance, our team of dedicated professionals has you covered.

Our teams are ready to travel

Premier Energy Solutions is a leading installer of Kohler, Briggs & Stratton and Generac generators. We proudly serve customers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. View our generator Service area.

Generator FAQ’s

We have long been committed to Kohler generators due to the benefits brought to the end-user due to their exceptionally high quality overall lifespan. We have recently added Generac and Briggs & Stratton generators to our offerings. Generac and Briggs & Stratton are world class brands that bring quality and reliability.

Absolutely yes, we offer a preventative maintenance ‘PM’ program which provides comprehensive scheduled maintenance for your generator. Our maintenance technicians are trained and certified, and we do a lot more than oil change.

Yes, we’re happy to service generators installed by other contractors. The generator must be a Kohler standby generator, and we always emphasize that generator maintenance is different than generator repair. If you’re looking for help with generator repair please be upfront with us and we will do our best to get the unit fixed up and if possible look into any warranty coverage it may have.

We are very proud to say as much as possible no. We are licensed electricians (and their apprentices) and trained Kohler technicians who do all of the electrical work and mechanical work. Although we are not gas fitters, we work closely with select contractors for plumbing that we have a strong working relationship with.

It is definitely recommended that you sign up to have your generator professionally maintained. While no one can require you to do so, preventative maintenance ensures your equipment is property looked after for long-term reliability as well as keeping you in line with any warranty you may have. We always do our best yo make sure any possible repairs are covered under warranty.

Yes! We pride ourselves on offering unbeatable warranties for our installed generators. A five year warranty is standard on our Kohler generators but you can upgrade to a full 10 year warranty at Premier Energy Solutions. Ask your comfort consultant for more information.

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