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If you’re visiting our website, you’ve probably heard others talking about the many benefits of owning a whole house standby generator. Perhaps you’ve read an article or two about the safety and convenience of having one. Maybe you’ve heard from an insurance provider about how maintaining your power during an outage can help you avoid other expensive losses (like frozen pipes). Whatever has prompted you to investigate standby generators, we’re glad you found Premier Energy Solutions. We’d like to serve as a resource to you as you do your research and educate yourself further. And of course, if you decide you’d like to move forward, our professional team is here to take care of everything for you. From developing a custom solution right for you, handling professional installation, and providing the service and preventative maintenance that will ensure the longevity of your generator.

But let’s start by looking at the five main reasons to invest in a standby generator from Premier Energy Solutions.

24/7/365 Automatic Power

The most obvious benefit of having a standby generator from Premier Energy Solutions is the knowledge that you will maintain power 24/7/365. Our standby generators automatically kick in during power outages, providing a seamless power supply. All of our units are remotely monitored and tested so you can rest assured that your equipment will be ready to automatically respond the moment you need it.

Peace of Mind in Any Kind of Weather or Emergency

As New England residents, we know there are persistent weather threats year round. From winter snow. ice and nor’easters to summer lighting, hurricanes and many other increasingly common weather conditions that are capable of knocking out power for extended periods. Then there’s that other category of  unpredictable events like a nearby auto accident, tree work gone wrong, or even a larger civil emergency that may cut your power. There is tremendous peace of mind in knowing that your home and your family are protected, come what may.

Uninterrupted Life

Whatever the cause , anyone who has experienced a power loss for more than a very short period of time knows just how quickly it becomes an unbearable interruption to regular life. The first candle lit dinner during a storm may feel romantic but doing the dishes by hand with cold water in the dark, not so much. The kids might get a kick out of using flashlights for the first half hour, but pretty soon they will be asking for their tablets. With a whole house standby generator you can avoid all of that with your lights, heat, appliances, sump pumps and other necessities all working as usual.

Uninterrupted Work

Is it surprising to know that 24% of all Massachusetts residents work from home full time? That’s one of the highest percentages in the nation. Then there’s the other much larger segment of people who do so occasionally. For all of them, no power at home means no ability to work remotely. A whole house generator can be a lifeline to productivity. Keeping power means keeping up with vital projects at work. With standby power, gone are the worries of not being able to power your laptop or charge your phone.

Protection from Additional Losses

When most of us think about losing power it’s probably the obvious things that come to mind first. The inconvenience of losing lights, the discomfort of having no heat, the cost of spoiled food in a refrigerator or freezer. But there are also far more damaging and costly outcomes that can arise from lost power. These include the very real possibility of frozen pipes resulting in water damage to the structure of the building and destruction of the personal property within it, loss of irreplaceable personal items, important documents, photos and more. Protect your property with a whole house generator.

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