why choose a generac standby generator

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In the world of whole house standby generators (as opposed to smaller portable generators which are not suitable for the task) we believe there is only a small handful of brands worth considering. With our focus on the most important factors of reliability, performance, longevity and price we believe this field of choices narrows to two:  Kohler and Generac. These are the only brands we carry and stand behind. We work with our customers to help them weigh the different benefits of these two brands. Below is a bit more about Generac generators.

A South Shore home equipped with a standby generator is secure against power loss.
Our standby generator services are with you every step of the way, from install to maintenance to repairs.

Automatic Power 24/7

With Generac, you can trust that your home will remain powered when you need it the most.  Generac generators properly installed by Premier Energy Solutions can be counted on to deliver automatic standby power when you need it.

Safe and Compliant

Safety is at the forefront of Generac’s standby generator design. Each unit is equipped with advanced safety features. All units are subjected to rigorous testing. A properly installed and maintained Generac generator will deliver consistent performance, ensuring your home stays powered during unexpected blackouts. The specifications on these generators, when professionally installed adhere to local codes, including fire, electrical, and construction standards, which minimize risks and maximize safety.

Mobile Link

Generac provides generator owners with the ability to monitor their systems remotely using Mobile Link remote monitoring feature. This internet based software allows you to stay in control of your backup power system from wherever you are. Get peace fo mind with the ability to monitor your generator’s status and performance in real-time using a smartphone app.

Top Generac Benefits at a Glance

Generac generators offer automatic instant power back-up in the event of a power loss. Depending on the unit you select these generators are capable of handling anything from a few vital circuits to powering your entire home including all appliances.

Like Kohler, Generac’s whole house standby generators are powered by propane/natural gas. This means there’s no need to refuel with gasoline.

As with Kohler generators, Generac systems are programmed for automated periodic testing to ensure the system is functioning properly and ready for service. Homeowners can also use Generac’s Mobile Link  App to monitor their system remotely.

Within the category of high quality whole house standby generators, many consumers are attracted to the slightly lower initial cost of Generac as compared to Kohler.

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