Why Choose a Kohler Generator?

Why Choose a Kohler Generator?2023-12-19T16:03:17-05:00


Kohler Standby Generators are ready on a moments notice. The automatic-transfer switch we use is integrated with the generator, meaning that it monitors your power 24/7 so that the event that the power goes out there are a mere moments between losing power entirely and having your house running on emergency generator power. This also means that if the power blips back on in a storm, the controller will wait for several minutes before switch to street power to ensure a secure and safe electrical supply.


We offer a wide range of generator sizes and types, but through our experience with installing different models we have really found that the all-aluminum encased “D” series Kohler offers is the best product on the market for most people’s homes. If your residency requires even more power, we offer liquid-cooled generators with the same advantages.

True, on its own aluminum is a long lasting and extremely corrosion resistant outdoor material, but there’s more to it than just that!

  1. Aluminum Kohler generators have a much better fire and exhaust rating than your average generator. This allows more freedom in terms of space off of or near walls and fences compared to plastic or steel generators sold at big box stores.
  2. From the factory they are lined with dense fire-retardant insulation that helps drastically cut down on noise when the generator is powering your home or it’s self-testing. This is something you might not have crossed your mind, but it very well might when you are your family or your neighbors are trying to sleep when power has been out for days.
How an Electric Generator Could Protect Your Home or Business This Winter:


It is our experience as both installers and maintenance and repairs providers that the quality of generators varies immensely from one brand to another. This rings true both for the quality and value of the initial installation as well as the long-term reliability. It is for these reason that we choose to only deal in Kohler generators.


We believe in friendly competition and know you have many options to consider, but we urge you to consider reading first-hand customer reviews. Be your own advocate and take a look at what people’s real-life experience are.

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