Generator Preventative Maintenance Services

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Part of what has earned us our reputation as the #1 generator company throughout Southeastern Massachusetts comes down to our generator maintenance service.

We’re not just here to sell you a generator or install it at your property. We’re here to make sure it works reliably when called upon. And that’s exactly the type of peace of mind you’ll enjoy through our  generator preventative maintenance plans.

Through the plans listed below, you’re able to take advantage of our remarkable 10-year warranty – protecting your investment for the long haul. These are available for both air-cooled generators and liquid-cooled generators.

Air Cooled Generator Maintenance Packages


If you’re just looking to meet the minimum requirements to qualify for Kohler’s warranty, this is the package you want. We’ll come out once a year to your property to perform the following services:

  • Change oil, filters, and spark plugs
  • Confirm the firmware running your unit is up to date
  • Test run the unit to confirm operation & identify potential problems down the line
  • Check exposed gas pipes for corrosion, repainting them if necessary
  • Seek out & replace prematurely worn parts that are completely covered by your warranty


Some owners just want the bare minimum – while others are willing to pay a bit more for added peace of mind and generator longevity. If that sounds like you, the Air Cooled PM Plus Package is right up your alley with an extra visit a year.

We do everything listed in the Air Cooled Annual Package on the first visit (major PM). On our second trip to your property later in the year, we perform everything listed in that package except for the oil change and plugs/filter replacement (minor PM).

This is the package we recommend to homeowners who lose power more frequently. It’s also a great choice for the generator at a second home that is unoccupied a part of the year.


We just recently built out this package based on 4 years of feedback. Because of the harsh elements homeowners on the coast are exposed to (salt spray in the air, wind, etc.), this is the plan of choice for equipment installed right on or near the ocean.

By taking advantage of this plan, you’ll enjoy a longer generator lifespan as we’re able to stay ahead of mother nature and prevent issues associated with component corrosion. You get 4 visits a year where we perform 1 major PM and 3 minor PM service checks. Never stress about outage-related anxiety again!

Liquid Cooled Generator Maintenance Packages


Liquid-cooled generators have a lot of benefits, but they also have a lot more moving parts than their air-cooled counterparts. That means each visit requires greater attention to detail, more frequent observation, and specific maintenance. That’s why we set up all the LC generators we install on this plan.

You get the same service structure as our Air-Cooled PM Plus Package – 1 major PM and 1 minor PM visit. The additional price reflects the extra time and materials necessary for keeping your more sophisticated equipment working reliably.


As you likely already know now, generators installed on/near the coast are subject to faster degradation due to the salt in the air. This can wreak havoc on your equipment’s components and leave you stranded without power when you need it most.

That’s why this particular plan is a must for coastal homes. By getting out and inspecting/cleaning your unit quarterly, we can get ahead of this degradation before it’s too late.

Just as with the package described above, our Liquid Cooled Seaside Package features the same service breakdown as the Air-Cooled Seaside package (1 major PM and 3 minor PMs). The added cost is a result of the extra work and costs on our end as we do what it takes to ensure the longest generator lifespan – while ensuring that your unit is ready to support your home during an outage!

Why Get Your Generator Preventative Maintenance Package at Premier Energy Solutions

Regardless of which generator preventative maintenance package you go with, one thing is certain. You’ll enjoy peace of mind while getting the best bang for your buck when you secure your investment through a maintenance plan at Premier Generator!

We go above and beyond to ensure your equipment is ready when called upon and stands the test of time. But in the rare chance that an issue occurs outside of your regularly scheduled maintenance, you can rest assured we’ll be there to make it right through our 24/7 support line.

Our technicians share our passion for keeping your equipment running reliably. They don’t just have the skills to perform quality service you can depend on. They also have friendly demeanors and attention to detail that will leave you impressed each time we stop by your property.

But most of all, setting up your air-cooled generator maintenance or liquid-cooled generator maintenance with us allows you to process your warranty for you. No hassles or headaches trying to file a claim – we handle it all for you. This is just one of the many reasons we’re your trusted source for whole home generator installation or commercial generator installation.

For the next 10 years, you can avoid any sort of outage-related stress knowing your equipment is covered under warranty in a worst-case scenario. And because our pricing is regularly updated each year, we allow you to lock in your rate for as long as you want – just ask about pre-pay options!


So, what are you waiting for? We can work together to choose the generator preventative maintenance service that makes the most sense for your needs. By getting your service set up here at Premier Generator you’ll never need to think about power again!

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